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I lived in States while it petty cold here. Well I'm going home, Back to the place where I belong, And where your love has always been enough for me. I'm not running from. No, I think you got me all wrong. I don't regret this life I chose for me. But these places and these faces are getting old, So I'm going home. Well I'm going home.

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Date: Thursday, May 14, 2009
Time: 9:57 PM

Mistakes sometimes can lead to regrets. Okay, fine. I regret what I did. But I think it`s for the greater good, right? Or not? =(

Oh God. I can`t sleep well tonight. Darn it. For days, I`ll be regretting this. My birthday will not be a happy birthday. :(

Shit. I am a total loser. Really.
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Date: Friday, December 5, 2008
Time: 8:27 PM
i hate you but i love you.

i always pretend that it`s not hurting me. but the truth is, it does and it gets badly every day.

i really hate him. but why do i have this feeling that i still love him? i hate it. whenever i`m alone, i always feel this thing inside my heart. like there`s a vein that`s ready to pop.

and he always gives me the feeling whenever i caught him looking at me that he still cares. and he`s also pretending. i tried to look for other guys. i have found one but i don`t know if i can love him because i`m still attached. and it`s not that easy to let go, believe me.

i just put a strong front whenever i`m with people just so that they will think that i`m really moving on. i`m doing it. i`m even using different guys just to make myself away from him. but every time that i`m alone, it all comes back to me. >.<

i hate that feeling! do i still love him?

i really HATE YOU.
but i still LOVE YOU.


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Date: Friday, November 28, 2008
Time: 8:42 PM
still is...

i don`t understand why people love to hurt somebody... physically or emotionally. i mean... don`t they know how much it hurts? do they even care? even in the slightest way possible?

it`s not fair.

after you have given everything... hurting you would be given back to you ... can`t they do anything more than that? it`s not fair.

and when we look to the sky, it`s not mine. but i want it so...

i pretend everyday. every single day. i tell everyone it`s not affecting me. but the truth is it does. and it hurts badly.

i don`t believe in promises. since never. promises are crap. that`s why i tell him... "don`t make promises...do it." but what did i get? nothing.

life sucks.

especially when it`s like this . have people gone numb ? i hate those people.

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Date: Saturday, October 25, 2008
Time: 9:15 PM
confused. more than ever.

if i had been in the house today, i would be in hell.

there was no current 6 am - 6 pm. luckily, my parents allowed me and my brother to go out of the house. i went to school because they said the students who would be playing for the upcoming University Meet would practice today. and so, i came to school, extra shirt and shorts ready. and what did i saw first? chess girls practicing. and i was like, "Where the hell are they?!" I was getting furious a little bit.

i went to the `metal kubo` as we call it, and saw Mijusa and Karlo there watching Vanessa and ate Novi play chess. when i saw karlo, i thought, "Where was his goat?". it is THEiR first monthsary at all. and he told me they broke up.

he asked me to accompany him at OB and i agreed because i`m feeling hungry all of a sudden. but lost my appetite when we arrived there, i don`t know why. i didn`t believe they`ve broken up. because knowing THAT GOAT? she wouldn`t give him up. i just know it. but after mam christine saw us, i said to myself, "maybe they had". only later did i found out that it isn`t true. but it may come true on monday.

anyway. that morning. we just hang out at the ICHAMS building (smaller one). talk about things. and that. until we saw mary lyn coming. she told us, issabel (MISS UN!) would be arriving also. my twin, jonathan, also came. they were also having a practice.

at 12 pm, karlo invited me over to their house. i was hesitant. who won`t be?! it was too fast i thought. things are happening very fast. in the end, i gave up. i don`t want to ruin someone`s day.

luckily, we saw vaniele coming to school and karlo invited him over also, so that i won`t be much embarassed. vaniele agreed. and so we went to their house. i was praying that his parents won`t be there, because i`m not yet ready to face them. but i was lucky again. haha.

we first ate chocolate cake [diba dapat mahuli yung cake? loko yun ah]. then we waited for the rice. after a while, we ate. we had shrimp, chicken and fish for lunch.

1.15. vaniele had to go to school for his piano lessons. i told karlo, we should also go but he again was very insisting. i gave in.

i was feeling lonely. karlo was always leaving the room and i sat around sulking. i was bored.

i waited for an hour and a half. he was being malandi again. tsk. he`s more fashionistic (is that a word?) than i am. god. i think he`s gay. haha. he likes to be good-looking before leaving the house. but he returns sweaty. that`s manly. haha. xDD

we went back to school at 3 pm. there was still no sign of my teammates and i`m getting itchy. anyhoo. uncle johnny introduced me to kuya Adrian, Sir Gacayan`s son, who, according to him, La Union`s 1st in badminton. he told us to call him if we decided to go and practice. we HAVE to practice. UM`s getting nearer by the minute. i don`t want anymore last minute practices and i am determined to succeed! HAHAHA!

i don`t want to talk about the next part.

i`m lazy. haha.
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Date: Friday, October 24, 2008
Time: 10:32 PM

thank god, this day`s over! i`m really tired.

i have been the photographer for the Mr. and Ms. UN 2008 and i know now that it`s not as easy as it looks. you should bring extra batteries. and also an extra camera, if possible.

so, as i have said, we celebrated Mr. and Ms. UN `o8 this afternoon.
and hell, it was intense!

all the candidates were all pretty . and the guys were all handsome [naks . pwahaha ]
and i missed .... LOL . xD

anyway. i`ve been running here and there just to take pictures of every single candidate and whatever they may be doing. my knees and my feet are all sore. and i want to get a massage right now!

the pageant started at 2 pm. they said it would be 1 pm but hey, we`re Filipinos! the pageant didn`t even started yet but we`ve been tired from the very start. [as i am writing this, my feet is aching]

i am too tired to write about what happened at the pageant but i`ll tell the winners. :)

3rd runner up : kathlyn and nialle
2nd runner up : kuya kristian and ate bernadette
1st runner up : louis and alyssa

and of course, Mr. and Ms. UN themselves : kuya jeremiah and issabel .

yey. all the juniors won ! woop ! and because of that, we`ve been wild. haha. yeah baby yeah . xD

picture taking took over after the announcement of winners. and after all the commotions, the birthday celebrant today, Darwin, treated us to Michelle`s, the bakery we`ve been hanging out for almost three years now.

we went there at 6.30 and yeah, it was pretty dark already. haha. but it was hell lot of fun.


i love the juniors. haha.
except for. ERK and ICK! hahaha. xD

and i love BLAM and SCHRAM ! hahaha !

i`m weird, aren`t i? x]
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Date: Thursday, October 16, 2008
Time: 8:03 PM

we'll be going to Manila tomorrow. so that means, wala nanaman ako dito bukas at bukas ng bukas.

mamimiss ko tong desktop computer ko! tsk! mamimiss ko photoshop. unless na gumana na yung external hard drive dun sa Acer. tsk. Acer sucks. lol.

it`s such a bummer that i won`t be getting to school tomorrow. *sigh*. they`ll be doing so much fun. argh. inggit ako. >.< LOL.

since wala ako ng three days, aabusuhin ko na itong pagkakataon na ito. =]] rawr. haha.

my family is weird.

they all want us to be in matching Lacoste shirts. dang. haha. but it would be nice. The Crocs Family. lol. haha.
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